Win a mug to match your mood with Gary Birks Design

Your choice of beverage might depend on your mood – do you need a long black coffee, a green tea or an indulgent hot chocolate? Well you can now match your mood to your mug.

Milk & Sugar exhibitor Gary Birks Design have created a collection of six, bold brash mugs to describe your personality.

Let’s face it, the ‘I’m So Damn Grumpy’ mug is a Monday morning must but you might prefer the ‘I’m So Damn Lovely’ for a Friday afternoon.

Luckily for you Gary Birks Design have six mugs to give away. Do you or a friend deserve one of these mugs?

Tweet @garyjamesbirks and @milksugar_ldn explaining why you or a friend are so damn…
  • Stupid
  • Pretty
  • Grumpy
  • Clever
  • Boring
  • Lovely

You’d be a mug not to enter!
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